Boy Wallpaper (detail) 1
Hitherto RedLine detail 2
House Home San Antonio
House Home San Antonio 2
House Home WCIAC Hays KS
Iron cast Fire Arts Festival
Nancy' Deckchair San Antonio
Periodic Table (detail)
Railroad San Antonio
safe tree 2
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House Home WCIAC Hays KS

Iron Performance

I believe that art and education are uniquely associated and recognize the engagement of visual and verbal communication as integral to the art making process entailing the social practice of sculpture. Sculpture and in particular foundry practice thrill me. Foundry (fire and molten metal) reaches all audiences in its primal and self-explanatory way. Iron casting […]

Opposition Papers

Wallpaper Series

The Wallpaper Series reframe and reconsider the anti-modern medievalist aesthetic of artist/designers like William Morris, which privilege pattern, grace and the primacy of the handmade object. My imagery seeks to represent the social constructs applied to control personal environments. In a politically charged society where traditions continue to metamorphose I investigate the female position in […]

Periodic Table San Antonio

Prints & Drawings

The incorporation of objects with printed images provides a coded narrative on place and my place within this place to instigate reaction, contemplation, thus generating associations and cross-references. In Heirlooms the chosen plethora of found objects engage and interact as word games and puzzles. The ordered grids and triptychs embody this series of mixed media […]


Site Specific

For me the sea and the shores in Ireland hold vestiges of the near and ancient past while also being catalogue to a current and tangible present. The proximity to water in my youth is integral to my consciousness. With twenty years of return trips to and from Ireland I continue to investigate the importance […]

Alphabet of Artifacts (A-M) 2

Sculpture & Installation

With much of my production processes centered on the foundry I seek out forms easily replicated in the casting process that also provide a history rich in symbolism and narrative qualities. Incorporating found objects provides a creative outlet for my collector instincts and pays homage to my respect for material, form and recycling. My work […]